Janeiro 12 2010

They both met on that critical night, but they were not alone. Each one of them had a group of allies and diplomats who they called friends; moreover, it was becoming clear that this night would set the beginning of something decisive for the future of both parties. In the same way, like at every crucial moment, weapons were properly prepared before they met. Something similar to a nuclear arsenal had been built for a long time now and it is safe to say that the two of them had some of the most destructive weapons that exist in our contemporary world; still, they were prepared to act as if they were just having a casual meeting, one in which mere details would be discussed. It did not take long for the negotiations to begin. First, they exchanged everlasting smiles. Afterwards, they used their best arguments in order to be convincing. Did they come to an agreement? No, but it is not certain that this possibility actually existed. Obviously, their goal was not to reach an agreement, it was to show each other that they were powerful enough to counter attack in any circumstance. They knew that peace would not come in any sustainable treaty. As a consequence, the only way to have peace — ­and to deal with uncertainty — was to promote the idea of psychological passive-aggressiveness. In other words, without actually expressing it, they said to each other: do not attack me and I will not attack you, because we both know the price to pay.


The meeting took place in a neutral area in which neither of them could feel at home. Apart from what they wanted to convey, many more topics were mentioned: politics, culture, art, and even some (apparently) pointless facts about show business. It is safe to say that all the important messages had to be read between the lines. Some call it hypocrisy; yet, when playing the game, most people call it diplomacy. In that room where they stood, nothing was clear, anything could happen, but she was certain that he was someone who could make a difference in her life, while he saw her as someone exciting who made him rethink the concept of love. What love? What does it mean? Would they act on it? Ready or not, they knew what it meant. It meant war.


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