Março 20 2010

A ler: Artigo de Álvaro Santos Pereira no "The Portuguese Economy"


"That is, while this SGP (PEC) does nothing to solve Portugal’s structural fiscal imbalances, it also does not cause major harm. The truth is that if it weren’t for Greece, Portugal would be barely on the radar screens of the markets. The government knows this and, hence, it must be secretly wishing that all the dust settles so that it can continue its agenda of spending its way out of recession (a big mistake, of course, especially knowing that this isn't working and it only aggravates the country's fiscal woes).

And thus the big lesson of this SGP (PEC) seems to be that, once again, we will happily postpone the solution to Portugal’s fiscal woes. Yes, Portugal is in a fiscal mess. However, for this government, this is still not the time to deal with this mess. Someone else will have to clean it up."
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