Janeiro 25 2010
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I don't understand why you Americans are so afraid of universal health care, as if this idea is on the edge of reason, its not new, every other 1st world country has it, becouse we believe its a right, not a corporation. And how does socialism = fall of freedom? In case you didn't notice, Sweden is socialist and very free, and to say that universal health care leads to becoming Sweden, well, that's ludicrous.
1) Sweden has a tax rate of over 50%
2) Sweden has a single payer no choice healthcare system
3) Name me a single Swedish Drug of Medical Instrument maker that isn't dependent upon exports to survive
4) Sweden is dependent upon the US for all medical advanvements, not everyone can be a free rider. Once we stop developing new drugs, Sweds will die.
5) In Sweden the young pay for the old, how perverse it that? Children supporting parents?
6) Demographics will topple that system.
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Well ,first of all America is a unique country,it is not Sweden. What is considered freedom in Sweden is to stay drunk. In America we have a tradition of self-determination. To all you leftist fags what that means is freedom to fail as well as to succeed beyond most people's capacity to dream and everything inbetween. buttcrack and company are contrary to American ways of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,not the socialist guarantee of mediocrity for all.
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